Listening Practice —《学校的饭菜》School Meal


  1. 张文觉得新学校的什么最好看?
  2. 张文喜欢学校的餐厅吗?为什么?(2 marks)
  3. 张文一般什么时候回家?
  4. 张文觉得在学校餐厅吃饭有什么好处?(2 marks)
  5. 张文学校餐厅每一餐多少钱?

Answer Key and Listening Script of Practice 3 Part 1

Topic B: Education and Employment


Includes the following sub-topic areas:

  • B1 School life and routine
  • B2 School rules and pressures
  • B3 School trips, events and exchanges
  • B4 Work, careers and volunteering
  • B5 Future plans


Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary – School & Work


IGCSE Chinese Oral Revise Sheet of Topic B

Wrinting Samples – Topic B Education and Employment

Listening Practice – Topic B

《新学校》New School

《我的学校》My School

《学校的饭菜》School Meal

《工作经验》Work Experience