Listening Practice —《在餐馆吃饭》  Eat in A Restaurant


Part 1


  1. 他们点了什么饮料?(2 marks)
  2. 他们点了什么蔬菜?
  3. 他们的主食吃什么?
  4. 她第几次来这个餐馆?
  5. 他为什么喜欢这个餐馆?(3 marks)

Part 2


  1. 兰兰去的餐馆在哪儿?
  2. 兰兰除了觉得饭菜不好吃,还有什么不高兴?
  3. 他们跟谁提(tí)了意(yì)见(jiàn)?
  4. 上一次兰兰为什么去这家餐馆?
  5. 爸爸给了兰兰什么建(jiàn)议(yì)?


Answer Key and Listening Script of Practice 3 Part 1



Listening Practice —《节日饮食》Festival Food


Part 1

1) 小丽家今年春节为什么很热(rè)闹(nào)?

2) 他们全家怎样庆祝春节?(3 marks)

3) 他们家每年春节都有什么菜?

4) 她哥哥送了什么礼物给他们?


Part 2





Answer Key and Listening Script of Practice 5

Topic E: Social activities and Health


Includes the following sub-topic areas:

  • E1 Special occasions
  • E2 Hobbies, interests, sports and exercise
  • E3 Shopping and money matters
  • E4 Accidents, injuries, common ailments and health issues*
  • E5 Food and drink


Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary – Festival

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.06.44 AM

Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary – Sports & Leisure

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.06.44 AM

IGCSE Chinese Oral Revise Sheet of Topic E

Writing Samples – Topic E Social activities and health

Listening Practice – Topic E



《健康饮食》Health Diet

《节日饮食》Festival Food




Customs and Traditions 风俗与传统

The current and past practices, representations, expressions and knowledge that belong to a community of the target language.

Possible aspects to cover:

  • celebrations, social and religious events
  • dress codes, uniforms
  • etiquette and protocols
  • fashion
  • food
  • historical events
  • national costumes
  • the arts.