Topic C: Personal Life and Relationships


Includes the following sub-topic areas:

  • C1 House and home
  • C2 Daily routines and helping at home
  • C3 Role models*
  • C4 Relationships with family and friends
  • C5 Childhood*


Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary – High Frequency Vocab


Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary – Colors and Time Expressions

Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary – Food


IGCSE Chinese Oral Revise Sheet of Topic C
Wrinting Samples – Topic C House Home and Daily routine

Listening Practice – Topic C

《我的朋友》My Friend

《在餐馆吃饭》Eat in A Restaurant 



Science and Technology 科学与科技

The relationship between science and technology, and their impact on a community of the target language. Possible aspects to cover:

  • entertainment
  • ethics and science
  • ethics and technology
  • impact of information technology on society
  • natural sciences
  • renewable energy
  • scientific research
  • social sciences.

《移动支付 Cashless Society》

《共享单车 Bicycle-sharing system》











Health 健康


Physical, mental and social well-being, as well as matters related to illnesses. Possible aspects to cover:

  • 美和健康的概念 concepts of beauty and health
  • 饮食与营养 diet and nutrition
  • 滥用毒品 drug abuse
  • 流行病 epidemics
  • 保健服务 health services
  • 卫生 hygiene
  • 疾病、健康/患病的征兆 illnesses, symptoms of good/ill health
  • 精神健康 mental health
  • 体育锻炼 physical exercise
  • 门诊 surgery
  • 传统医药和非主流医药 traditional and alternative medicine.






“How one country persuaded teens to give up drink and drugs”

Iceland used to have a big teenage smoking, drinking and drug problem. Now it doesn’t. This is how it made the change.