Core Topic: 全球性问题


Core Topic: Global issues

在地区、国家和/或国际层面上有影响的时事及前景预测,切记需要从所学语言的文化视角考察它们。Current matters and future scenarios that have an impact at a regional, national and/or international level, bearing in mind that they need to be addressed from the perspective of the target language’s culture(s).

可能涉及到的方面:Possible aspects to cover:
• 毒品 drugs
• 能源储备 energy reserves
• 食物和水资源 food and water
• 全球暖化、气候变化、自然灾害 global warming, climate change, natural disasters
• 全球化 globalization
• 国际经济 international economy
• 迁移(乡村至城市,或国际性移民)migration (rural–urban, or international)
• 贫穷与饥馑 poverty and famine
• 种族主义、偏见、歧视 racism, prejudice, discrimination
• 人类对自然造成的影响 the effect of man on nature
• 环境与可持续性发展 the environment and sustainability




官方谈北京雾霾气候是诱因 燃料燃烧是根源



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